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Basic Narcotics Investigations  
Body Language and Deception  
Body Language and Deception in High Risk Environments  
Burden of Command  
Cell Phone Use in Drug Trafficking Investigations  
Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction  
Commercial Motor Vehicle Interdiction  
Comprehensive Roadside Interdiction  
Courtroom Testimony in Narcotic Cases  
Current Heroin Threat  
Cyber Investigations and the Dark Web  
Drug Identification  
Drug Interdiction and Conducting Complete Traffic Stops  
Drug Interdiction/Complete Traffic Stop  
Gathering Evidence from Today's Technologies  
Identifying Deception While Conducting the Roadside Interview  
Interview and Interrogation  
Interviewing and Interrogation  
Investigative Discourse Analysis  
Law Enforcement Intelligence Training  
Methamphetamine Clandestine Laboratory Safety  
Mexican Cartels  
Mid-Level Management for Police  
Money Laundering Investigations  
Narcotics Enforcement and Trafficking Investigations  
Operation Pipeline Training  
Oral Boards for Promotion or Assignment Change  
Oral Boards for Promotion or Transfer  
Proactive State and Federal Investigations  
Search and Seizure  
Social Media Open Source and Cyber Crime Investigations  
Social Media Open Source Intelligence  
Social Media Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Cyber Crime Investigations  
Street Gangs Narcotics Investigations  
Tactical Entry to Methamphetamine Labs  
Tactical Survival Techniques  
Video Surveillance Techniques for Law Enforcement  
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