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Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA


Position Vacancy: Director Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA (Contract)
Salary Range: Federal GS 15/1 General Schedule Equivalent  ($125,132 + 10% for fringe payment)
Office Location: Norcross, Georgia

The Director Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA is responsible for policy level administrative work and program development in the states of Georgia, North and South Carolina. The Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA coordinates and supports efforts to disrupt and dismantle drug trafficking organizations, drug money laundering and related violence. The Director is a staff position contingent upon annual HIDTA funding from the Office of National Drug Control Policy. This position is federally-funded, but the selected candidate will not be considered a Federal employee for employment purposes. This position is responsible to the Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA Executive Board on policy and program related issues, and functions within the Management and Coordination Initiative, Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA. Currently a position is available in Norcross, GA. 

  • Develop and submit, with the Executive Board’s concurrence four major requirements of the HIDTA Program: Threat Assessment, Strategy, Initiatives/Budget and Annual Report. 
  • Exercise programmatic, administrative and fiscal oversight and support of all HIDTA initiatives and ensure they are in compliance with the ONDCP/HIDTA Program Policy and Budget Guidance and other program requirements. However, the Director shall not exercise operational control of law enforcement initiatives. 
  • Exercise reprogramming authority consistent with the HIDTA Program Guidance and the fiscal policies of the pass through agency.
  • Ensure compliance with the HIDTA Performance Management Program (PMP)
  • Facilitate the flow of information between and among the initiatives and supporting agencies. Promote regional and national cooperation, as appropriate.
  • Provide reports to the Executive Board concerning the status, direction and success of the HIDTA initiatives, programs and requirements from ONDCP.
  • In response to time sensitive administrative, fiscal and programmatic tasking, make decisions on behalf of the Executive Board based upon the previous direction, decisions and knowledge of the Executive Board.
  • Ensure continuous dialogue among members of the Executive Board. Be fair and impartial in pursuit of projects and programs aimed at achieving the maximum benefit for the HIDTA.
  • Perform HIDTA travel to represent or fulfill requirements of the Executive Board or the national ONDCP/HIDTA program.
  • Perform additional duties/requirements identified by the Executive Board which must be consistent with ONDCP/HIDTA Program Guidance and deemed necessary to enhance the HIDTA Program.
With the concurrence of the Executive Board, the Director will oversee the selection of staff personnel for the Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA, for positions which have been approved and funded by the ONDCP. The Director will provide either direct or second level supervision or other required management functions for these individuals. The level of supervision will be dictated by the approved Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA Table of Organization.

Knowledge and Skills: 
  • Knowledge of innovative and model programs for combating substance abuse through law enforcement, prevention, treatment, deferred prosecution, corrections, community crime prevention, or community policing activities. Experience in preparation and management of grant programs and computerized databases is desirable. 
  • Skill in communicating and negotiating in small group settings, and in personal interactions to form coalitions. 
  • Ability to communicate effectively in written and verbal form.
  • Budget experience and knowledge of accounting practices.
  • Knowledge and experience in implementing performance management.
  • Skill in monitoring data collection and compiling data necessary to make recommendations regarding planning and program development. Strong analytical skills are a prerequisite. 
  • Ability to plan and prepare extensive reports and documents
  • Knowledge of, and proficiency in operation of standard office information technology applications is required. 

At least 10 years in a criminal justice system agency, preferably with a management focus plus a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field with a management focus, or a combination of training and education with 10 years in major investigations. Travel within Georgia, North and South Carolina and adjoining states is required. Position is located in Norcross, GA. Travel, transportation and relocation expenses are not authorized and will not be paid by the Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA. 

Submit resumes and letters of interest to: careers@achidta.org by COB on October 20, 2017. 

The Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA is an equal opportunity employer

Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA

Criminal Intelligence Analyst


Position Vacancy:       Criminal Intelligence Analyst - Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA (Contract)

Salary Range:             $50,415 + 25% for fringe payment

Office Location:         Norcross, Georgia


This is a contract position responsible for providing tactical, investigative/case support, and/or strategic analysis in support of HIDTA’s mission.  This position will report to the Intelligence Group Supervisor. 


  • Possesses knowledge and expertise in intelligence support to drug law enforcement.  Maintains a working knowledge of the various law enforcement databases and other information sources available.
  • Provides intelligence/analytical support to ongoing drug-related investigations.
  • Assesses cases to determine intelligence gaps and assists the case agent in the development of a plan to collect information addressing these gaps.
  • Collates data by merging new data with existing related data through indexing, coding and cross-referencing.
  • Utilizes specialized computer programs to organize and manipulate information.
  • Prepares comprehensive reports to be used by agents, investigators, supervisors and prosecutors to coordinate, direct, and set priorities for investigations.
  • Provides agents, investigators, and prosecutors with the most appropriate and effective method of visually portraying events, including link, event and association charts.
  • Reviews raw data for acceptability and utility.  Evaluates the data for reliability and content validity.  With the case agent, classifies data and determines the sensitivity to the extent that it can be disseminated.
  • Analyzes information for trends, predictions and unique crime indicators.  With the case agent, identifies and prioritizes criminal targets for additional investigation.
  • Disseminates information/reports to appropriate law enforcement agencies on a need to know basis.
  • Communicates with law enforcement personnel to provide analytical services, document trends and make recommendations to determine data to be entered into the intelligence cycle.
  • Prepares strategic and special reports summarizing research of information relevant to drug law enforcement.
  • Conducts surveys, researches outside sources and interviews persons concerning law enforcement topics.
  • Applies basic knowledge of statistics and data management in order to organize, analyze and properly portray data.
  • Conducts, or provides assistance with training of other law enforcement personnel on the intelligence process, specialized analytical techniques and report writing.
  • Conducts liaison activities with law enforcement agencies, private companies such as phone companies and credit bureaus, and with law enforcement associations such as the Georgia State Intelligence Network, Regional Organized Crime Information Center and the Atlanta Criminal Intelligence Network


Desirable Qualifications:

  • A minimum of an undergraduate degree in any discipline is required.
  • Prior law enforcement background and/or intelligence support to law enforcement
  • Prior experience in researching and report writing
  • Strong oral and written communication skills are necessary.
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze information, identify significant factors, gather pertinent data, and develop solutions; plan and organize work
  • An aptitude to work independently or as part of a team.

Travel, transportation and relocation expenses are not authorized and will not be paid by Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA.


 Submit resumes and letters of interest to:   careers@achidta.org by COB November 24, 2017.



The Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA is an equal opportunity employer.

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