Mission Statement

Due to the COVID- 19 situation, many ACHIDTA classes have been cancelled, rescheduled or modified.  Please continue to monitor the Upcoming Training page of our website for class status updates.  As always, questions can be directed to Training Coordinator Buck Smith at bsmith@achidta.org or 470-261-0410.   

The vision of the Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA is to significantly reduce drug availability in its 3 State area by maximizing the collaborative and cooperative efforts of its law enforcement .

The mission of the Atlanta-Carolinas  HIDTA Program is to achieve measurable success in improving public safety and well-being by disrupting and dismantling drug trafficking and money laundering organizations through intelligence-driven multi-jurisdictional operations; to enhance the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement operations through training; and to improve communication and information sharing among criminal justice, drug prevention, and drug treatment professionals in support of the objectives of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.