The Drug Intelligence Fusion Center serves as a hub for the sharing of drug and criminal intelligence among federal, state, and local participating/non-participating law enforcement agencies.  In addition, the Drug Intelligence Fusion Center promotes access to and the appropriate exchange of information necessary to support the mission, goals, and objectives of the Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA.


The Statewide Analytical Interdiction and Narcotics Team (SAINT) is a joint effort between the Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA and the Georgia State Patrol (GSP).  The purpose of SAINT is to collect, research, and disseminate information on violators, vehicles and contraband that travel along the State of Georgia highway system.


Deconfliction is defined as the Law Enforcement Assistance and Deconfliction (L.E.A.D.) Program.  LEAD is an intelligence sharing system that promotes the highest level of public safety and prevents law enforcement officers from confronting blue-on-blue situations in the field.

Intelligence Support/Training

The HIDTA Intelligence Fusion Component serves as the hub for sharing drug and criminal intelligence among federal, state and local agencies and promotes the exchange of information.  The MAJIG provides the following services to participating and other agencies: event deconfliction; criminal subject deconfliction; analytical support to HIDTA-supported task force investigations and prosecutions; ad hoc post seizure analysis; document exploitation; collocated access to the major federal, state and local criminal databases; access to regional intelligence products; collection and analysis of drug-related trend and pattern data; and collection of drug use forensic intelligence.  HIDTA provides law enforcement and in-service administration training to participating HIDTA agencies in the Atlanta Coalition Training System.

Technical Support

The Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA Technical Facility assists the HIDTA and other Law Enforcement Agencies.  Please contact technical support at for additional information.  

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